Peter McCoy and Willoughby Arevalo speak about the power and mystery around mycology, how they can be used to eat, treat disease, clean-up pollution, and more. Learn more by visiting their website here: http://radicalmycology.com/
And join us tonight for a full workshop, 5pm - 9pm at the Beatnik 1638 Clio ST.

Epic Radical Mycology Torrent

This magnet link will lead you to a digital treasure trove of mycological materials (2.6 GB’s of amazingness):


Included are articles, audio recordings, videos, historic texts, books and field guides covering a diverse array of topics including mushroom cultivation, permaculture, mycoremediation, medicinal mushrooms, ecology, biology and more.

Information wants to be free. Use with wisdom and share with love.

“Develop communication with living systems.”
— Dan Schreiber (Cape Town - 2014).

even subtlety can leave a prominent mark


even subtlety can leave a prominent mark

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PARADISE (1989) by Michael Whelan, cover for the book by Mike Resnick

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